Online portal Mazars InControl: Global Compliance Made Easy tool for your business

Are you a Finance Director or Financial controller running a multi-national business? Do you face the challenge of differing local compliance rules in all the jurisdictions you work in? Are you dependent on remote teams? If this sounds like you, then Mazars has the solution…

What is Mazars InControl online portal?

  • A customized portal giving clients complete oversight of all their compliance activities.
  • Developed for Finance Directors and Financial Controllers of international groups
  • A dashboard of real-time information enabling you to see at a glance what compliance activities are happening locally and where action needs to be taken. 

Compliance made easy: Mazars' global Accounting & Outsourcing services

Using our experience of working with international clients, we have created Mazars InControl, an online portal that gives you complete oversight of all your compliance activities. Mazars InControl allows you to see at a glance what is happening locally and when action needs to be taken. With a simple dashboard of real-time information, you can demonstrate that you are in control of all compliance activities in every location.

What are the benefits of Mazars InControl for your business?

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